Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination

Periodic eye and vision examinations are an important part of preventive health care. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. As a result, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are important for maintaining good vision and eye health, and when possible, preventing vision loss.

A comprehensive adult eye and vision examination may include, but is not limited to, the following tests.

  1. Patient History
  2. Visual Acuity
  3. Keratometry
  4. Refraction
  5. Eye Focusing, Eye Teaming, and Eye Movement Testing
  6. Eye Health Evaluation
Individual patient signs and symptoms, along with the professional judgment of the doctor, may significantly influence the testing done.

At Lenzomem, comprehensive eye test takes approximately half an hour which helps our Optometrist to look closely at all aspects of your vision and eye health. Comprehensive eye test facility is available in all our stores for free of charge. Out expert opticians will help you select the frames to suit your face, or the right contact lenses for your requirements.

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Vision Screening Programs (for corporates / educational institutes)

The purpose of Vision Screening Program is to identify whether an employee / student is in need of ophthalmic services. It helps reducing vision complications, eye fatigue, increase quality control, and early cure of any vision related problems.

The tremendous increase in the use of computers, mobile phones and visual display terminals, most of which are set beyond the normal reading distance, has resulted in focusing attention to the eye fatigue problems and has emphasized the need for screening at the intermediate distances.

The vision screening is conducted using TODO which is a precision-built stethoscopic instrument designed for rapid and precise measurement of visual performance. It was engineered for speed and accuracy, validity and reliability of the tests, and ease and convenience in administration.

Each patient is tested with his corrective lenses in place, if applicable. This determines if the patient's corrective lenses are appropriate at this time.

We also offers visual screening using the following processes, Snellen Standard Eye Chart, Jaeger Vision Cards, and Farnsworth D-15 color screening.

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Lenzomem Service Assurance:

The everyday use of your spectacles can result in them becoming loose or crooked, or a screw may get loosen and fall out. If this happens please come and see us and we'll be happy to readjust your spectacles. This is a free service.


At Lenzomem we understand the inconvenience of being without your spectacles so we make every effort to repair & return them as soon as possible. Our service is subject to a quotation and signing of an indemnity form. If the frame is not repairable, subject to an assessment, we may be able to cut your lenses into a new frame.

Replacement parts and accessories:

Because nose pads and screws commonly need replacing, at Lenzomem we are happy to assist free of charge. Specialised or larger parts are subject to a quotation depending on your requirements.